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Wayuu Tribe is today's pick from Racked LA 's Fashion editor!



Wayuu Tribe Guajira Mochila Bag, $108 at WayuuTribe.com

This Technicolor Mochila Bag is an Instant Mood-Lifter

One of my favorite finds at July's Downtown Flea debut was a new LA-based line called Wayuu Tribe. Founded by a California-born sister and brother, the siblings work directly with the indigenous Wayuu people of South America to produce handmade Mochila bags in a variety of eye-catching patterns and hues. The above version is today's pick, but take one look at their colorful inventory and you'll realize that it's hard to choose just one.


Take a look at the mention here: http://la.racked.com/archives/2013/09/13/this_technicolor_mochila_bag_is_an_instant_moodlifter.php


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Wayuu Triber's NYC Street Looks

Wayuu Triber strolling Williamsburg Flea Market on a Sunny Sunday afternoon.

Super cool Wayuu Triber riding NY subway.

Fun NY Wayuu Triber rocking the Hermosa bag in Fashion District.

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Wayuu Tribe Made Racked LA's Top List!






Wayuu Tribe's Boho Beach Mochila Bags made their debut at the Downtown LA Flea last Sunday. It was a bright and colorful event! Thank you to all of the stylish Flea-goers for stopping by. 

Take a look, WT was featured in Racked LA as one of their favorite booth picks! http://la.racked.com/tags/wayuu-tribe



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