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  • Handmade Wayuu Tribe Bags From Colombia
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    Reid Naaykens

Handmade Wayuu Tribe Bags From Colombia

Wayuu Tribe's Handmade Boho Wayuu Mochila Bags are the cool bohemian style accessory for all of the stylish girls out there. These bags will inspire your look by adding more color to your wardrobe.  Each one-of-a-kind bag is made out of 100% cotton.


Wayuu Mo Chila Bags 


  • Post author
    Reid Naaykens

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  • Jun 28, 2016

    Very pretty work. Would like a pattern of handmade Wayuu Tribe Bags…how t crochet..start-finish…starting until July 3th. Thx.

    — Rosie spencer

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